Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Dynamic Duo

Disclaimer: Lest anyone get confused, this person is not a super hero, far from one. I'm just saying that someone with dual licenses should be one. That person should not be taking the easy way out.

Question: If you take one special education certification and combine it with one math certification and what would get?

Answer: An unstoppable math teacher, a math teacher who is capable of teaching students with the biggest learning disabilities and the severest emotional handicaps to succeed in math.

Question: What happens when a person with this certification becomes (click here)?

The combination of these two licences would be the equivalent of a Batman and Robin in one classroom. Think of what could be accomplished.

Maybe I should have become an administrator. I have great ideas.


Liberty Rose said...

Do not go to the Dark Side! I tried this year while on leave and realized after 4 classes that people like us are more needed where we are. I thought I could swim with the sharks, enlighten them, use my great ideas for good... but even in class it became clear that the systemic dysfunction is so huge I would have little chance of effecting any changes at all.

You are an incredible teacher. I wish I could move to NYC just to enroll my kids in your math classes!

Pissedoffteacher said...

Don't worry. I would never become an administrator. I'm not ready to sell my soul for a few lousy dollars.

Anonymous said...

I dont like this this person a superhero now in your eyes?

Pissedoffteacher said...

No, it was meant to be sarcastic because the person is not doing what should be done.

After all, admins are supposed to be super heroes and as such, should be doing the jobs they are trained for, not taking easier ones. I will add a disclaimer.