Saturday, February 20, 2010

Atlanta Zoo

Atlanta (as do many other cities, including NY) sells a City Pass that includes admission to many of the main attractions. We bought one as the three places we wanted to see the most--CNN, Coca Cola and the Aquarium, were included and more than made up the cost of the pass. As an added bonus, we also went to High Museum (some pictures will be posted at a later time) and the zoo.

The zoo is small but well done. Here are a few of the animals that really caught my eye.

The baby panda just laid back and enjoyed his meal while his mom paced back and forth, restless to get indoor.

The gorilla--this guy is the head of a group of females and children. This guy has been trained to take a full medical exam from his vet. Here, she is brushing his teeth.

The majestic giraffe
Flamingos--for my friend at etc, etc, etc


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dkuroiwa said...

I'm sitting here with a very sleepy 7-yr-old on my lap (hard to type!) and we LOVED the pictures of the animals...especially that panda!!
oh yeah...and those silly birds, too, of course!! ;-)
We will have to put the zoo on our list of "places to see" if we go to Atlanta this summer!!