Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm Doing It

I found a Smart Board to practice on and roped a couple of colleagues into helping me get started. I'm in love. I knew I would be because I've used one a few times (just for minutes) at the college. I was worried about writing on it but my friend C, suggested I write with a rubber ball. The ball is easier to maneuver than the pens and it does a great job.

Unfortunately, I don't have a Smart Board in my classroom. The math department only got one, probably do to the technophobia of most. But, the room with the board is open period one so I am moving in for one period. I've haven't been able to download the software yet, but I did put a bunch of stuff on a flash drive so I think (or at least hope) I'm ready. As I make make my way to school tomorrow, instead of focusing on the snow, I will focus on my new toy and how to best use it to to enrich my lessons and help my students achieve.

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Anonymous said...

tennis ball that works best! C