Saturday, February 20, 2010

Big Fish Little Fish

I'm only a little fish in the aquarium. No one saw me or listened to me and then I discovered blogging. I now have a voice. I can make myself heard. There is a chance I can make a difference.

I'll never be like this guy, but that's fine. Still, I worry that this blog is being read by too many people who know me, so I have decided to keep all future snarky Packemin HS posts here. (If a Suit post presents itself, it will be the exception.) Sorry, if you have no access, you will just have to find something else to read. There is a lot more entertaining and informative stuff out there, you won't be missing all that much.

1 comment:

Suit Lover said...

awww, that's disappointing. At least I'll still get to see any Suit posts.