Thursday, February 25, 2010

Money Trumps It All

I just got home from my college class. Luckily, we are trusted to do what is right and I was able to let them go a little early tonight. Only about half showed up and I can't say I blame the ones that didn't.

The roads are slick. Even my four wheel drive car was slipping a little. I can only imagine how bad road conditions will be in a few hours.

My husband is sick so I did the shoveling. This has got to be one of the heaviest snows I have ever felt. The rain and slightly warmer temperatures have combined to make ice. It is going to be brutal in the morning. I'm guessing that my car doors will be frozen shut.

Now, I understand that Mayor Moron doesn't care about teachers and truthfully, I am not complaining about having to go to work tomorrow. Most jobs don't give a day off for snow. Teachers have the option of using one of their 10 sick days for such an occasion and believe me, if the buses aren't running, I will be using one. I don't feel sorry for the teachers who live on Long Island or Westchester. either. They chose to live where they live and should be grateful for the opportunity to take the sick day if they can't get in. New York has a good public transportation system and that, combined with a few blocks to walk, make almost every place in the city accessible.

I do have a serious problem with Mayor Moron's lack of regard for the safety and education of our children. They should not have to be forced to endure the weather hardships. And, if teaching goes on, as the mayor suggests, the kids who can't make it in will be behind because of the instruction they missed. Last time it snowed, teachers in my school actually gave exams and wanted to hold absent students accountable. They saw no reason for the children not to be in class. Thankfully, Mr. AP intervened on the students behalf.

I have another proposal as to how the city can handle a snow day. Let them open schools as scheduled (or on a delay) and announce the day will be used for enrichment and tutorials. No new work will be covered and no exams will be given. That way, the city can get their dollars worth of babysitting from the teacher and parents won't stress about whether they should risk sending their child to school or not. The only ones who can possibly lose on a deal like this is the teacher and since the sick day option is always available, no one loses. Oh wait... we will lose state revenue for absent students so maybe my plan is not so good after all. Money trumps safety when it comes to New Yorkers.

I cancelled my scheduled exams for tomorrow. I have my metro card and boots ready. I'll be in school to greet the handful that show up.

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Anonymous said...

Well as a former elementary school teacher, I have a much different take on this. When LI teachers can't make it in, and subs are hard to find, we get the extra kids, and some would get another teacher's behavioral problems. Clusters would have to cover so our preps were lost. So the day seems endless and nothing really gets accomplished expect knowing you are a well-paid babysitter.