Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Stupid Me

I make it a practice to walk everywhere that is less than a mile from my house, especially when I don't have much to carry.

I walked to the supermarket, a mere 1/2 mile from my house to pick up a dozen eggs, all I needed. But, orange juice was on sale so I just had to buy two half gallons. We want to make waffles this weekend and when the quart of buttermilk called my name, I just had to take it as well.

I should have called home and someone would have picked me up. But, I am stubborn and I have pride. I walked it all home. My arms ache. I am really not too bright.


Ricochet said...

But, you are in great shape!!!

Anonymous said...

You must be in great shape. But I have learned that going shopping to pick up a few things always turns into needing the cart.

btw, NYCEd and SUPPORT PUBLIC SCHOOLS on FB have a link to a poll to vote for Diane Ravitch's book as the best education book of the decade. Let's make a pro-public school book #1.