Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Memo 93

Why is it when admins make a mistake, it is because they are human and busy.  When teachers make a mistake, even when they admit a mistake, they are castrated publicly.  Explanations and apologies are not allowed.  (At least I manage to divert a private session with the admin in question.)

We are not Supermen.  (See the movie, if you have doubts about that.)

I made the memo again!  Two out of two ain't bad.  I feel a challenge coming on.  I wonder what I can do to make it to memo number 3.


Anonymous said...

3's a charm. If NBC, Gates, Oprah and Superman could really see how stupid the people in charge really are. When a good teacher makes "an error" and then corrects it, it shouldn't be made into a mountain.

His day will come! The universe has a way of making corrections too.

veteran teacher said...

Hey PO'd Is that a picture of a castration? Great pick! Do you have a title? Thanks. P.S. yesterday's picture was great too.I always check your blog and alsways enjoy the photo art.

Anonymous said...

FYI: The petition to Oprah to book Prof. Diane Ravitch on is reaching 2,000 signatures.

If any of your readers haven't signed, please help us reach our goal. You can even opt-out on having your signature be made public.