Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Quote Of The Day

"It takes me more time to get back and forth from school than I actually spend in the building."

Quote from a former student, a senior who was only given three classes this semester. When he asked his counselor for more, he was told, "Sorry, due to the budget there are none available.."


Ricochet said...

I have a former student like that as well. I am proposing an out-of-the-box solution for him (or rather for the administration to use with him). We'll see.

Anonymous said...

That’s illegal.

There is a minimum amount of time a student must be in school.

Guidelines and Reporting for State Aid Purposes
(Revised March 9, 2010)

The following provides guidance and clarification regarding session days, the school calendar and reporting of attendance data for State Aid purposes.
Length of School Day

The minimum length of school day for purposes of generating State Aid is 2.5 hours for half-day kindergarten, 5.0 hours for full-day kindergarten through grade 6 and 5.5 hours for grades 7-12. These hours are exclusive of the time allowed for lunch. If school district officials establish a school calendar in excess of 180 required days, the excess days need not comply with the mandated daily time requirements. (Commissioner's Regulations 175.5)

Students of compulsory attendance age must be scheduled for attendance upon instruction for the entire time the school is in session. The term session refers to the period during which instruction is provided. However, such daily sessions may include supervised study periods, supervised cooperative work study, release time for college study or school-to-work programs, and as well as traditional classroom instructional activities. (Education Law 3210(1))


There are more rules listed on the website but that jumped out at me.

lgm said...

Thanks anon. My district conforms to the letter of the law - in lieu of electives, students can pick study hall, co-op (if they can find transportation & a position), or dual enroll (if the minimum class size is met; no financial aid except for those on free lunch).

Our superintendent has told the public that the future for high school is required classes only. For the college prep trail, only those classes req'd for teh Advanced Regents Diploma will be offered. All else is dual enrollment or enroll on your own. So AP is cancelled, as is pre-calc, computer science etc. although accounting and other such courses that are accessible to those with weak algebra skills & count for a Regents math credit are still allowed.

Hard to see any progress in the future if only the wealthy are allowed to prep for college.