Monday, September 06, 2010

Can't Waste A Minute

With summer ending this week, I decided we needed one last excursion so I dragged my husband (and if you knew him, you would know that he had to be dragged) to Governor's Island for the day. By checking the website, I found that ferries now run there from Brooklyn, a much easier trip than South Street but Pier 6 only holds small boats and we waited quite a while to board. Beggars shouldn't be choosers, and the day is free, but, the city needs to figure out a way to move people at a better pace.

That being said, the day, along with the weather, was perfect. Pier 6 is a child's wonderland. The whole area is built in one of the most magnificent playgrounds I have ever seen. The sidewalks are soft, no need to worry about scraped knees or head injuries. There is a water area, a swing area (even baby seats on some swings), slides, jungle gyms and sand areas. It made me yearn for young children to bring to play there.

The ferry ride itself is very short. Yesterday, the island hosted an art fair, which was quite interesting. I loved it all, but especially the photography exhibits. It is cool seeing what others do and how they compare to what I try to do. More than the art, I loved the old buildings, the Manhattan, Brooklyn and New Jersey skylines. There was also a truck food fest but no food is worth an hour wait to me, so we passed on that. There is a "beach" area and a concert area as well.

We got off ferry in Brooklyn, scoured the neighborhood for a while, found a good place for beers and another for ice cream, took a bunch more pics and then went home.

Enough promo for my last I Love NY post of the summer. If you get a chance, go visit. The island is only open Friday through Sunday until October 10.

For pictures, visit my facebook page.

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