Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Replace Him With A Computer

I always come home from work full of dirt I want to unload on this blog.  Today, instead of unloading first, I went to read some of the blogs I haven't had time to look at today and found this from our wonderful chancellor. (thanks to Gotham Schools for sharing the link.)  My dirt will have to wait.

Q What about the “seat time” rule, which makes students spend a required number of hours in a classroom, rather than learning partly online?

A [We’re] trying to move the state away from its ridiculous seat-time requirement, the featherbedding requirement for teachers, meaning you have to have a teacher in order to get credit.

As long as a kid can knock down algebra, why should we worry about the magic ingredient and how he got it?
Read the rest of the article here, on this rag that calls itself a newspaper.

I read this in disbelief. 

How can these words be coming out of the mouth of the Chancellor of NYC Schools?  How perposterous!  Kids need to learn in an environment with other children.  They need to work together and to learn together.  They need teacher explanations.  They need a human touch.  They need this all the time!

What this city does not need is a chancellor who knows nothing about education.  He's te one that should be replaced by a computer.  As long as the school system is beign ruined anyway, why should we worry about the magic ingredient that is causing its damnation?


ChiTown Girl said...

How the hell did this moron get his job?!? What an assbag!

Pissedoffteacher said...

Chi Town--I;ve got to take a trip to Chicago to meet you. I like the way you don't mince words.

NYC Educator said...

That is kind of an incredible comment, even for Klein. I suppose if he eliminates teachers altogether, there'll be more money for sports stadiums.

It's a simple question of values.

Anonymous said...

All teachers in NYC now need to be careful with where the DOE is headed...this article is disturbing in every way.

koreyel said...

Your question:

How can these words be coming out of the mouth of the Chancellor of NYC Schools?

My answer:

Maybe he is a republican. You know, they do want to abolish the Department of Education. And it's not too much more a leap to imagine them readily privatizing education to corporations and their teaching machines.

In fact, given the drift of things...
I'd say that is almost inevitable.