Sunday, September 19, 2010

Questions For The Deformers

1. Why don't you ask for smaller classes? Don't you realize teacher will do a better job with a smaller group of kids?

2. Why don't you ask for better learning conditions? Wouldn't kids do better if they were not forced to sit in dilapidated trailers and bathrooms? Wouldn't they work better with air conditioning in the warm weather?

3. Why do you want kids to spend more time preparing for exams than they spend learning? Why don't you want kids to learn to think for themselves?

4. I heard Judge Judy tell a fire fighter that she wouldn't tell him how to put out a fire because that is not her field of expertise so he shouldn't tell her how to judge. Why do you think you can tell educators how to teach when education is something you know nothing about?

I know why you blame teachers instead of trying to fix the problem. Real fixes cost money, big money that you and everyone else are unwilling to spend on public school children. Teachers are expendable. Colleges graduate enough new ones every year to guarantee there will be replacements for all the teachers who have had careers destroyed or have just been driven away by people like you. These new teachers are cheap. They won't last, but that is what you want. This way you can avoid pensions and high salaries. As for the kids, you don't really care if they learn or not, you just want someone to blame.

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Anonymous said...

As long as the media is enforcing the agenda (NBC next week and Oprah today), and the unions are keeping mum, it's the people that will have to rise up. The best thing that happened last week was Fenty's defeat. However, giving the record of corruption in Washington, DC politics, I hope the new candidate will be a good choice. Otherwise people will say, Rhee was right. And the last place I want Rhee is right here in NYC.