Monday, September 13, 2010

Conversation With A Student

Me: I missed you Wednesday. Why weren't you in school?
Student: Ms, I had to go shopping for school supplies.

At least she had a pen and a notebook today.


NYC Educator said...

That's a funny excuse. It's one I haven't heard before.

Anonymous said...

I read that attendance was down that day. Frankly, if I were a HS student, I would have stayed home too. The city should have used that day for teachers to set up and meet.
I remember when we had 3 days, but 2 days is needed. So what did my former admin do? She called a Sept staff meeting the first Monday of school. My school does it during lunch hours. I think taking away a teacher's duty-free lunch on the first full week of school is disgusting. They got so much paperwork to do (like the lunch forms) as well as other things that a good admin would have given them a break.

Pissedoffteacher said...

I had full classes. I just loved this excuse.