Monday, September 20, 2010


I read this article in the Post today, thanks to a Gotham School link, lost my cool and wrote to them. Every teacher and parent needs to do the same.

It's been an explosive afternoon. Thanks to the encouragement of a post by Mrs. Chili, I called 311 and lodged a complaint about a nearby school that has no problem putting up traffic cones to block city streets when its students get out of school in the afternoon.


Mrs. Chili said...

WHOA! Are you KIDDING ME?! I think my head just exploded....


I am SO, SO lucky; my biggest class is all of 17 students. Our enrollment is capped at 90 students this year (we're aiming for 100 next year, but we'll be able to hire two more full-time teachers if that happens). I can't even BEGIN to imagine the impossibility of doing what we do with any kind of efficacy with more than 20 kids in a room. What the hell are people THINKING?! Whiny union bosses? You know what? Come spend a week in a classroom of 36 kids and get back to me.

GAH!! Now I'm all flustered. I need a drink.

Anonymous said...

I kept my comment as clean as possible.