Monday, September 06, 2010

Ethnic Neighborhoods

If you can't travel, or don't like to fly, you can experience much of the world from visiting different NYC neighborhoods.

Just jumping in the car and driving less than 15 minutes brought us to the Orient today. After an interesting walk through the Queens Botanical Gardens, we walked up Main Street and passed stores and restaurants rivaling all in China Town and I am sure many in Asia itself, although I have never been there to compare.

Years ago, used to meet my mom on Main Street and Roosevelt Avenue. Her bus from Co-op City dropped her there and we spent hours shopping, eating and just walking around. The high point for her was always when we ran into one of my students and they would tell her how much they liked me and what a great teacher they thought I was. Right now, I wish I could call her and tell her about how the neighborhood has changed.

We had some yummy snacks, really cheap and bought some great produce.

Adventures end. Tomorrow is back to work. My husband can get back to relaxing in his lounger. He can't wait for me to walk out the door. I did take some fantastic pictures at the Gardens. Some look quite professional. You can see them here on facebook.

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