Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Moving Ahead

How would you handle this?

Jill got a 65 in first term algebra and a 45 in second term algebra. What class should she be programmed for now?

Well, if you came up with Algebra 2, go directly to jail. Don't pass go, and don't collect $200. But, if you said Algebra 3, you landed on free parking and get to collect all the money in the middle because you guessed correctly.

You see, Jill is being moved ahead, the thing our illustrious education mayor wants more than anything. And, it is cheaper to move Jill ahead than to create the classes kids like her need. See, kids like Jill are not being left behind at all.


Anonymous said...

It's all social promotion, they just don't want to admit it!!

Anonymous said...

and yet, the oxy moron is that she is being left behind, since she is clearly not 'receiving' the classes she supposedly will need.