Thursday, September 09, 2010

Mulgrew's Propoganda

From Mulgrew's latest e-mail:
We reached a landmark agreement with the city to shut down the so-called "rubber rooms" and put a faster, fairer hearing process in place.
Go visit Fidgety or Moriah and get the facts from people who have been there.

Mulgrew and company are feeding us some pretty heavy propaganda. For teachers like the two mentioned above, nothing has changed.


NYC Educator said...

Note that Unity mouthpiece Peter Goodman is floating a trial balloon about merit pay on his blog. It appears they're exploring new ways to sell us out in the upcoming contract.

Of course, we'll likely be drooling on ourselves by then.

Anonymous said...

In response to Mulgrew's comment on "put a faster, fairer hearing process in place." I will believe when I see it. I have had many issues in my school where the union DID NOT step up to the plate. As of now, I have a cynical view of 'all talk' since I have not seen action on helping teachers.

Anonymous said...

The UFT must step up to the platform of what its purpose is. Let's not have too much of a reflection of the DOE.