Monday, May 31, 2010

Which Way To Roll?

We had a barbecue today, old friends that we love dearly came. Everything was great except every time I walked into the bathroom, I found the toilet paper rolling from above rather than below, the way I like it.

At first, I just fixed it but after the fourth time I lost it and started yelling "Who's been changing the toilet paper? I don't care what is right or wrong, this is my house and I like my paper rolling from behind?" At that point, my friend Jinny broke into laughter. She thought she would be driving my husband crazy and he was the object of her evil ploy. Of course he never even noticed.

We all got into a big discussion about the best way to place the paper on its roll. I'm going to have to google this topic and see which way is the "proper" way. But, even if I am wrong, I am not changing. (Click here to see why my way is the right way. Only a physicist or a mathematician would come up with a scientific reason to support this.)

(Before you ask, my bathroom does have red walls.)


Kate said...

Insert it how you like it, but I think this post explains the reasoning behind the "over" configuration the best

Pissedoffteacher said...

I don't know--the article I linked to made a pretty good case for "under".

Kim Hughey said...

This post cracked me up because my husband and I spent our entire first year of marriage arguing about this very topic. In the end, he won and I have been installing the paper "over" for the last 25 years. It actually really bothers me now when I see it installed "under" and I have a strange desire to "fix" it even if it's not my house. I don't of course, but I sure do want to!

Anonymous said...

I always liked under or as you put it "behind". The other way just looks wrong and messy. I am the same way with paper towels.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

This will drive you crazy: I prefer to have the roll of toilet paper completely free from the roller gizmo! I HATE for it to hang from the wall, no matter whether it rolls over or under!

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