Saturday, May 01, 2010

Such A Help

Dear Ms. POd

Your referral of Smith, John to the Guidance Department has been received.

The action taken to this point is as follows:

I've been working with John throughout the year. It's unfortunate that John's behavior and attitude hasn't improved even after our interventions with Ms. APPS, Mr. AP Security and Mr. Dean. His mother has told us that she cannot control John. Regardless, I will continue to work with John. You can contact his mother at (xxx)xxx-xxxx. Please keep me updated.

Additionally, you may want to pursue this as a disciplinary issue through the Deans Office, maybe they can arrange a conference with all of his teachers and along with his mother to find a solution to this situation.
Mr. Guidance Counselor

John has already been suspended due to actions in my classroom. Any idea as to how to deal with this one? Strange as it seems, there is something likeable inside this kid and I would love to be able to help him.

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