Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dear Teachers,

Dear Teachers,

Due to a necessary program change, you will now have Mary Smith is in your class. She is a resource room student with testing accommodations as follows:

time 1.5X, separate location, use of calculator

Her resource room is __ period, with me.

Mary's attendance has improved and together with her parents, we are keeping close track of her.

Thank You!

This e-mail arrived 3/26. Surprise, surprise, no one has made any contact, until today, as to how this girl is doing. (Before anyone starts bitching at me, I let this resource room teacher know that Mary only reported to class once, and it was two weeks after I got this memo.)


Anonymous said...

Mary Mary is QUITE contrary!!

Anonymous said...

Will you be held responsible for her test scores?

Anonymous said...

Separate room, extra time, someone to assist, a calculator, and to top it off, exceedingly low attendance. And she's actually expected to have learned something? Please don;t tell me your salary is tied to this one.

Pissedoffteacher said...

It will be, thanks to our wonderful union. Thank goodness I will be gone before this comes to the high school.