Monday, May 17, 2010

Skip College

Something I have been saying for years...

For college students who ranked among the bottom quarter of their high school classes, the numbers are even more stark: 80 percent will probably never get a bachelor’s degree or even a two-year associate’s degree.

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting article, thanks for posting it. However, this philosphy would mean some changes in the high school curriculum. In addition, who decides who should go to college? What determines it?

Abstract Randomizer said...

I'm picking up a trend here: more customer service reps rather than managers? More nursing aides rather than doctors?
We are going to be insourcing most of our high-income professional jobs in the next fifty years because we just won't have the talent pool to fill them domestically. It's not just academic qualifications that our students are going to be lacking; the so-called Millennials haven't developed a work ethic or a clear concept of commitment, accountability, or responsibility (big surprise there, given how we've watered those down in our education systems for the past thirty years), which translates to a generation coming up that can't be counted on to do very much except ask for bling that, increasingly, we won't be able to afford to give them.
I'm in a ranting mood today, obviously.

Chris Osborne said...

There's always going to be kids who go to college and surprise people with how successful they are. Both ways too, the valedictorian at my high school is either going to graduate next semester or just quit. So I don't think the high schools should really have a say who gets into college.

What I think should happen is that high schools get more realistic about students and stop blanketly telling everyone to go to college.

Pissedoffteacher said...

Kids need choices and not going to college is one of them. They shouldn't feel pressured to go because they have no other choices or because everyone else goes. All this article is saying is that their are other opportunities.

I know lots of college grads that barely make ends meet.

teachermrw said...

I agree. Too many kids are being forced on to college, and who have neither the cognitive strength and/or the interest to be there. College isn't the best option for everyone.