Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Junior Entrepenuers

It's that time of year again, the time the seniors in economic classes get to present the project they came up with, the process involved in designing and developing it, the marketing techniques and the video commercial they created.

So far I've sat through two presentation and all I can say is "wow', these kids are dynamite. I especially enjoyed seeing my quiet ELL kids, the ones who barely speak, coming out of their shells for this project. Kudos to the special economics teachers who encourage and promote these activities.


Elated Educator said...

My student who was so nervous beforehand did such a fantastic job!! I was honored to have been invited by her to this presentation, and was privy to her detailed preparations for this event. She was given a position of leadership and she carried out her role wonderfully. I saw a glimmer of the woman she will become; I have high hopes for this young woman and her future. Thank you, Economics Teacher, for this special annual event that gives these kids the opportunity to become creative entrepreneurs.

Anonymous said...

unfortunately this only happens once a year. It should be ongoing - and happening in all classes.♠

mathematicamama said...

I wish I had that dispenser in the picture for several of my students.