Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Definitely a 5, If Not The Derivative Of 3x :)

The AP exam was today. I didn't see any of the kids so I sent out an e-mail asking how they found it. (Only that, they are never allowed to discuss the multiple choice questions and cannot say anything about the free response questions until 48 hours has passed.)

The responses are coming in. Most found the long questions difficult, which I knew they would. The good news is that they were able to do parts of almost all of the questions and they didn't find the multiple choice too bad.
I don't have high hopes for this years group. They are a great bunch of kids, very bright but extremely unmotivated. The other AP teachers have been saying similar things all year. I just hope they learned enough to help them in college and that they grow up enough over the summer to develop to their fullest in college.

(The title of this post is one student's response to the e-mail.)

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