Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Count The Ways To Find The Reason

1. Your nastiness to the woman responsible for teaching you what you needed to know to get your license.

2. Your snippy answers to innocent, non-invasive questions.

3. Your accusations against students without letting them defend themselves.

4. Your beady, glaring eyes.

5. Your condescending note, taking the side of a student and never asking the teacher's side when you were deaning.

6. The way our shoulders met in the hall.

7. The way you screamed about me to the student I sent to deliver something to you.

8. The immature way you choose to have others deal with your problems.

9. Not respecting boundaries as to where conversations can and cannot take place.


Ricochet said...

10. Let me count the ways . .

Tell us how you really feel!

Anonymous said...

There is a wonderful book called "The No Asshole Rule". It looks like you caught one. Sorry.

NYC Educator said...

Sounds like the sort of person who doesn't get a whole lot of Christmas cards.