Friday, May 07, 2010

Unsuccess Story

He's passed all his regents and is on schedule to graduate on time. He's sweet and polite. He never causes anyone trouble. No one ever caught on the the fact that he cannot read.

I discovered this last week while marking his last exam. He missed obvious questions, questions that depended more on reading than on doing math, questions that no one ever missed. I showed the exam to his mom and she agreed with my diagnosis. Now, the problem is, what can be done to help him.

This boy used to have an IEP. An over zealous psycho doc (psychologist) convinced her to get him decertified years ago so now he has no extra services available to help him. His mom is worried. He's been accepted at the local community college in September and she knows he will not be survive.

He's a Bloomberg success story. He's graduating high school in four years and going on to college. The fact that he is illiterate means nothing. Failing to succeed in college does not reflect on high school success stories at all.

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