Wednesday, May 05, 2010

More Than One Way To Enjoy Lunch

I got three out of the four kids I am supposed to be working with to show up during their lunch period. One showed up last week and I got the other two to come today.

Last week's girl stopped me in the hall and asked when we are doing it again? She enjoyed the session and even gave me a big hug when it ended. The other two girls were equally responsive. I thanked them for coming up and apologized for using their lunch. They looked at me and said the session was "fun" and wanted to do it again soon. They even said they wanted the extra help. All we did was read a story together and talk about inferences from the story. I felt so good I wanted to cry.

Now, to find a way to get the fourth student to show up. He's the only boy in the group so maybe the thought of being surrounded by three pretty girls will help. The girls agreed to approach him with me.

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proofoflife said...

you're the best! Thank God for children who adore their teachers. There are days when I sit back and reflect on my day and think about some of my students and say to myself, " wow that was a great day" One of my forth graders said they wanted to kiss my face and eat it up! I still can't get over that one. Straight from her heart to mine! Damn , we're good! Happy Teacher's Appreciation Week!