Sunday, May 02, 2010


The kids know I'm like a hawk and I prowl the room, looking to pounce on slackers. They thought they could outsmart me by opening the packet to the third page and putting some numbers next to example 15. They thought I would be impressed with how far they got and I would leave them alone. They thought wrong.

The best kid in the class was only up to the fifth question when I got to them, so I turned their booklet back to the first page to see how they did the previous problems. (Or at least that is what I told them.) I was not surprised to see blanks in all previous problems. They were shocked to be caught.

These kids are bright, some of the brightest kids in the school and in the city but senioritis has taken hold of their brains and they are producing nothing. If only they could channel the energy they use trying to get away with things into the energy they need to actually do something, they would be unstoppable. Hopefully by college they will learn to do the right thing.

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ChiTown Girl said...

Why do they always think they're so slick? Don't they know you've already seen, if not done, every trick in the book? ;-)