Saturday, May 29, 2010

What's Good For The Goose....

My friend NYC Ed just wrote a piece on the new vending machines popping up all over his school. He beat me to the punch. One of these machines happens to be near the auditorium in my school so I took a good look while I was at last night's concert and then decided to do some research on the stuff the DOE deems fit to sell its students.

Doritos Chili Chips--140 calories, 63 of them from fat. There is a total of11% fat in the product of which 5% is saturated fat.

Linden Chocolate Chip Cookies--150 calories, 60 of them from fat. There is 11% fat in the product of which 10% is saturated fat.

Pop Tarts--219 calories, 83 of them fat. There is a total of 14% fat of which 5% is saturated fat.

I didn't bother looking up the sodium count, but if you are interested, the links are posted.

The DOE banned bake sales because they are unhealthy. Clubs are no longer permitted to have candy sales because they too are unhealthy and promote obesity. But, if the vending machines are owned and operated by cronies of Klein and Bloomberg, these health concerns fly out the window. I will never be able to learn the double rules of all the games we play.

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Profesora de espaƱol said...

My school system is the exact same way! No bake sales to support clubs, but they sell pure crap in the vending machines!