Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It Pours

One of my AP girls came over to me during class and asked what I was doing eighth period, knowing full well that I am free then. She then shyly told me she would be presenting her science research project and wanted to know if I could come watch. Of course, I told her yes.

We all know that it never just rains, it pours and of course today was the day some of my ninth period kids wanted some extra help--eighth period. I told them to meet me at the back of the auditorium, and that I would help them there until my calculus girl started presenting, and then we would finish when she finished. Three of them showed up.

We sat and worked until the presentation began and I left them to move to the front. My girl was awesome. She spoke about her research on ovarian cancer. She was confident and knowledgeable and I was happy she thought to share with me. But, the real thrill came when I went back to my ninth period kids and they told me how terrific they thought she was. The kids from one of the lowest level classes in the school enjoyed and benefited from this presentation. Anyone who knew them would have guessed this would have been way over their heads.

We left the auditorium and went in search of a place to work. Luck was on our side and the doors to the courtyard were open so we walked out, found a nice shady spot on the grass and sat down to do work. We went over many of the topics they were struggling with and they asked to do it again. I promised I would always be available. Now, to convince the school to let us bring picnic blankets outside and use that spot on a regular basis.

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Abstract Randomizer said...

There's a memory to take with you for the rest of your life...
...not just how good a teacher you are, but how much your kids are inspired to be awesome.