Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stacked Deck

I was so excited about this class in the beginning of the year. They weren't at all what I expected and I was sure I could even turn the four term algebra class into a two term class and get them through a regents in one year.

I wasn't wrong about that group. The group I have now only has 5 of the original 34 left. All the kids with potential and a desire to learn were put in other classes and this class was filled with kids who were not passing the classes that are scheduled to take the regents in June. This class was turned into a dumping ground.

The girl who needs her med stopped me after class the other day and said "Mad props to you, Ms. POd. I don't know how you deal with our class every day." Too bad that be don't see these kind of classes the way this learning disabled, emotionally handicapped young woman does.

(This class was not deliberately stacked against me. It was just the way the cards landed.)


Anonymous said...

But now you know things change in very little time. I would not trust getting a class like this again next year because it's a revolving door and a place to dump the worst of the worst. Maybe it wasn't like that in the beginning of the year, but it certainly turned into that.

Simon said...

I have the Suburban French class like that...y'know, they like to pretend they're all these, but then they just go home and play videogames, and then their dads buy them into college. How depressing.