Tuesday, June 01, 2010

It Stinks

Everyone, even administrators have the right to party with anyone they like after school hours. But, when one administrator chooses one group to party and go on vacations with, there is something not right going on. It is especially smelly when that special group always ends up with the best classes and the choicest programs.

The two tier system has been around as long as time, but it was a secret society. Membership only events were kept quiet. Now it is obvious to all who is part of the "in" crowd and who is not. It might not be against school rules and it is not a contract violation, but it's not right and makes for quite a few unhappy campers.


The Veteran NY Teacher said...

Once again the admins prove they know nothing about the basic tenets of leadership. Avoiding the perception of favoritism is an absolute MUST for effective leadership. What the heck are they learning at that famed leadership academy?

ChiTown Girl said...

The last school I worked at had administration just like this. It was VERY clear that if you weren't part of 'the group' you didn't get anything! 'The group' went out drinking after school every payday Friday. I'm NOT a drinker, and it's not much fun to sit around watching others get hammered, so I didn't go out with them more than once or twice in all the years I worked there. It instantly put me on the shit list. :(

Anonymous said...

My former principal went shopping with her fav teacher and gave her an F-status job when she could have hired an ATR. When she was in-service, she got the best prep program too.