Friday, June 25, 2010


Today has to go down in history as the day the DOE did the stupidest thing ever. They opened schools for a full day of classes after all grades have been entered, all regents exam have been taken and everyone who has made it to graduation has graduated.

Classes met for 30 minutes. Several of my classes had ten kids in them but only because I had kids from rooms where the teacher was not present. (My actual attendance was much lower.) The ones that came sat around and socialized. I saw a few sitting in one room playing cards. Several were even watching a movie on an I-Pod. I saw deans and security chasing kids out of the building because all the kids wanted to do was roam the halls.

To some people, appearances are all that matter. Those at Tweed are firm believers in looks are all that matter. No one with an ounce of common sense would have declared today an instructional day. I was under the impression snow days were built into our calendar and if my impression is correct, there was no need for the kids to be in today. But, who am I but a lowly teacher? What could I possibly know about education?

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