Saturday, June 19, 2010

It Won't Be A Trip To Disney

My husband, a retired engineer said "What's the big deal if kids come in an extra day? You have to be in school anyway?" This, he said, when he heard me bitching about the full day of "instruction" on June 25.

My husband never set foot in a classroom since he graduated high school (except for classroom visits when our kids were in elementary school) so he has no idea as to what it is like to be in a room full of kids who have taken all their exams, know all their grades are in, and have been out of school for almost two weeks. I forgive him for this ignorance as he does not claim to know anything about teaching and education. Klein, on the other hand, is not forgiven. He is the head of one of the biggest school systems in the nation. How can he not know what a waste of time having kids come to school on June 25 will be? What can they possibly learn in this one day? How can he not know the trouble teens can cause when no one has a hold over them? How can he not know that most parents will do the right thing and keep their child home? June 25 will be no Magic Kingdom.

(Lots of Disney Land pictures to post but it will take me hours to edit them. Hopefully I will have an outlet on the plane going home and get to work on them then.)

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