Monday, June 21, 2010

Don't Wait...

The only time some of us (actually me) manage to see family is at simchas (happy events) and funerals. Words of advice--don't wait for the latter to happen.

We got off the plane celebrating with one side of the family to mourn tomorrow with the other side. I vow to stop being to lazy or cheap to enjoy the former.


Ms. Havisham said...

Sorry to hear this.... What happened?

Unknown said...

Ms. POd,

I was wondering what the curve was for this year's geometry regents. In your honest opinion, do you think it was harder than last year? My sister is freaking out because she goes to Townsend Harris and her school mandates that she score an 85 or higher on the exam.


P.S: Also, hope you're reconsidering your retirement. God only knows Packemin HS needs teachers like you.