Wednesday, June 23, 2010


We got e-mails encouraging us to come to the end term party, to sit with our departments and celebrate.

I was in California but even before I knew I would be gone, I decided not to go.

I have no feelings of camaraderie.

Certain members are set up with the choicest programs in the department. Other people are given programs that intend to force them out.

Certain members of my department are already partying with Mr. AP and it is not costing them $45 to get together.

School is a job, nothing more.


care020 said...

"School is a job, nothing more."

This is almost always true of the parts that involve adults. When it comes to students, that is a different matter. And that's why we go back, day after day and year after year.

ChiTown Girl said...

Ditto to what care020 said. ;-)

veteranteacher said...

A wise teacher's mantra was "The children are the only reason any of us are in the building" Just keep that in mind po'd (and we your readers know that you always do); the hardest part is dealing with the adults who do not know why they are there.

Anonymous said...

I can relate, PO. I just try to remember that it's about the kids, and that helps me to cope with my colleagues.