Sunday, June 13, 2010

City Day

Going to California Thursday means I needed a NYC tourist day this weekend.

My daughter is in this weekend and together we hit the city for a big day out.

First, we got off the subway at 63rd and Lex and walked uptown through Central Park. It was a beautiful day for walking. I took a few pictures of the boat basin, a gazebo I never noticed before and some guys practicing some kind of kung fu moves. (see them on, if you are interested.)

The Met has a fantastic Picasso exhibit at the moment. I've been to many Picasso exhibits in Spain and France, and a while ago at the Whitney, and I never get tired of looking at his works. I love seeing his early works which are so different from his later cubisms (my favorites.) I took some photos, also on the facebook page. The museum is also running a special exhibit called American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity. (no photos in this exhibit.) If you love looking at clothes the way I do, this exhibit is for you. As much as I love museums, after about two hours, I get a "museum headache" so we left. (We did check out some of the modern art sculptures and photographs on the way out)

After a quick lunch, we headed over to 61st and York to the Mount Vernon Hotel. Tbis NYC landmark is one of the oldest buildings standing and one of only sixty-two fully accredited historic house museums and sites throughout the United States. Although I have lived in NY my entire life and have even worked blocks from here, I never knew this place existed. I never even heard of the day hotel. We had a lovely private tour of the house and the gardens. This is definitely an off the main beat place I would recommend to anyone coming to NYC.

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