Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rotation, Yea, Right!

In all the 25+ years I have been at Packemin HS, certain courses have never been rotated. Rotation is a contractual right, but it has not been followed in certain courses, not only in math, but in other subject areas as well. It takes a certain expertise to teach an AP course and they say you don't get really good at teaching it until you've done it three years in a row. The math team has been taught by the same person, rightly so, since before the beginning of time. She is great at it and no one would want someone else to teach it.

Now you might wonder what brings up this topic now. I have been teaching the AP calculus class since 1995, it has never been rotated for the reasons mentioned above. No one ever grieved the class and I am sure no one presently teaching would. I only got to teach it because the person who taught it before I did left. Next year, Mr. AP has decided to rotate this assignment and give the class to someone else. All of a sudden he is a big supporter of the contract. (Unfortunately his support of rotation only affects this class, none of the other classes people have been teaching forever.) And, he is also considering rotating sessions, although he knows I have to be in early to teach the college class.

I have a theory as to why he is doing this. The old boys club has gotten together and devised a plan to get one fat cat teacher on maximum salary to retire. They know they can't attack what I do in the classroom and they know I will not abide anything that violates the contract, so they got together and found a legal way they hope to make me miserable enough to retire. They will make sure I get something from my preference sheet to keep it all nice and legal.

Well old boys, I have a message for you. This old girl is not going anywhere until she is good and ready to go. And, she has a few tricks up her sleeve too. Sit back, relax,but don't get too comfortable. I'm already a few steps ahead of you.

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ChiTown Girl said...

Holy crap!!! This is pretty much what prompted my 'pissed off' post last week. New Principal wants to move me out of kdg., where I've been FOREVER, and have me loop with my kids to 1st grade. I am NOT happy!! There are a bunch of other things that have pissed me off this week, too, but I'll save that bitch-fest for my own blog. ;-)