Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Picnic Study Group

A colleague saw me carrying around my big quilt today and said in a slippy tone, "Only you get to bring your class outside." I just looked at her in disbelief as she had no idea as to what she was saying.

I've been working lunch time with some of my ninth period kids, trying to get them to actually learn some math. By accident, I stumbled upon the idea of a picnic. I let them get their lunch and then we went right out the front door and spread the blanket. I let them eat and do math at the same time. They loved the idea and the kids I've been working with aced the final.

I never requested permission to go out. In fact, there is a good chance I would have gotten stopped if I asked for it. I decided to take a chance. I never left school property so I figured I couldn't get into too much trouble. We plopped ourselves down in plain view of everyone.

My teaching ideas are not for everyone and they all don't work. This one did. The kids loved doing this and every day more and more kids joined in. (Many saw us on their way back from the lunch they snuck out to have.) I don't know why my colleague was so jealous. No one stopped her from bringing in a blanket and doing the same thing.


H Street said...

Wow do somethng a little innovative these days and people are immediately labelling you.....what? Entitled? It's laughable because of your colleague's lack of insight into this tutoring interlude with the kids. It's pathetic that they have such a lack of insight. They can do the same thing....why not? Appears to be legal at the least, and a special time for you with the kids...enhanced test prep!! How can it hurt, laced with a little outdoors?

Liberty Rose said...

Can you hear me applauding? It's really loud and I added a few woohoos!