Friday, June 04, 2010

Award NIght

Last night was Awards night. I always try to go because lots of my students win multiple times. Unfortunately, they don't enjoy the night as much as I do. Many choose to skip it altogether and some of the ones that do come don't even bother inviting their parents. Someone in the college office told me they had a hard time even getting kids who won money to show up.

Pictured above is one young man whose arm did not have to be twisted to get him here. This young man has severe disabilities and one of his teachers told me he has seizures several times a day. I don't recall what he got his certificate for, but I will never forget the pride on is face as he walked everywhere, telling anyone who would listen about his award. He never saw me before but that did not stop him from sharing. He allowed me to take his picture (which I e-mailed to him immediately.)

I won't deny the joy I felt watching the celebration of the accomplishments of my students, but none of this matches the pleasure I felt watching this young man bask in the glory of his own success.

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Ms. Tsouris said...

This young man is a very sweet and polite person who had a procedure recently to help diminish the seizures. He has never stopped smiling in all the years I've known him, even the day after having had a seizure in school. He's an admirable person who has shown immense inner strength, a good nature, and an ability to bounce back from adversity. He is someone I will always admire. I'm so glad you met one another!!