Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stop Blaming Unions

In my over 35 years of teaching, I can remember three really bad teachers.  Were there more? Of course, but isn't it true that every profession has its share of bad workers.  The union's job is to make sure every members gets due process, but if a member commits something really egregious, no union should be able to save that person's job.  Here is the story of one.

XXX was a wild woman who marched to her own beat.  In the 70's, she was featured on the front page of a major New York newspaper, in the hot pants she taught in (she had a sensational body), walking down a major avenue in the city.  Everyone knew to stay away from room 223 in the morning because she was always in there having unbridled sex with her married boyfriend.  She showed up at work when she wanted to and left when she felt like it.  This activity went on for many years until there was a change in the administration and she was brought up on charges.  The CL went with her to the hearing, after all, that was his job.  As they got ready to go into the meeting she said, "You stay here, I can take care of this by myself."  Thirty minutes later, she emerged from the meeting, lipstick smudged, hair disheveled and smiling from ear to ear.  All charges had been dropped.

XXX eventually left teaching on her own accord.  She has gone on to do some pretty powerful things with her life and has even appeared on Oprah.  The union had nothing to do with her tenure in the classroom or her successes outside of it.


ChiTown Girl said...

Wow, loved this. Now I'm sitting her trying to figure out who the hell this is!

Kim Hughey said...

How funny, we had a teacher when I was in high school who taught without a bra and was known to be having sex with many of the male students. She eventually went on to right a book about how to marry a millionaire. She too, appeared on Oprah! I almost died when I saw her!