Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Negative Attitude

I vowed to say nothing, contribute nothing at departmental meetings.  I want to survive until June.  I ignored  The big ticket item,  and finally, another person said something.  (Not that it did any good.) 

Some things cannot be iced over and when the person in charge says, "even Mr. T would be considered an effective teacher."  (Mr. T is on medical leave until June when he retires after a long, fruitful career.)  Before I could stop myself, I said, "It is not appropriate to talk about Mr. T that way."  Of course I was told that nothing bad was meant by that comment and the expression was reworded.  I was then asked why I am always so negative.

Negative POd got the conversation changed and managed to drag Mr. T's name out of the mud.  I know he wouldn't care, but I do.  I'm sure my name will be there next year and I don't think anyone will risk their reputations by defending me, but that is okay.  I hope the people left realize that any one of them can be next.


Anonymous said...

I WILL!!!!

abused teacher said...

That's the way it goes, speak up and you are on your way to professional ruin!!! That is why we can't get teacher's rights back, because we are not sticking together! Kudos to you for acting with integrity