Tuesday, April 05, 2011


It's that time of year again, the time the stockholders of McGraw Hill get to pick up a little extra cash because the children of NYC are taking Acuity Tests, those tests designed to tell teachers what their students need to work on to be successful on the regents.

The kids know it is a big waste of time.  One boy walked in and announced that he wasn't going to take it.  I knew arguing wouldn't get him to change his mind, so I said, "Please, I get in trouble if you don't."  He then said, "For you, I'll do it, can I have a pencil?"  He sat down and worked the entire period on the exam.

I'm still in shock.  I didn't think this kid even liked me.

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abused teacher said...

Your story here is why we continue to come back every morning into this horrible system. The bonds you form with kids are what keeps you going!