Saturday, April 16, 2011

For Some Questions There Are No Answers

Kids can make up failed courses by answering a series of questions online.  One of my students, not one who failed, asked the perfect question:  "If they couldn't understand the material while they were taking the course, how can they be expected to do it now?"  I just shrugged my shoulders and began the lesson.


Ricochet said...

Because of course they are not being expected to KNOW the material but to pass the course. Back in the day (and even currently with good teachers) the too conditions (knowing and passing) are congruent. It is not for some educators.

TheHouse said...

I keep wondering why we're creating an alternate universe in education. Why in the world do we pat them on the back and give them, not only second chances, but fifth and sixth chances when the liklihood that they'll get that outside of high school is slim to nonexistant?

Aren't we just enabling them to continue along the same course?