Saturday, April 16, 2011

Singing A Diiferent Tune

The state education commissioner David Steiner is sure singing a different tune now that he is giving up that title.  Speaking at Hofstra Friday, he said the state should consider a Regents exam in art and the importance of art and music in the school curriculum. 

He also said "The cheapest way to educate children is to plunk them down in front of a screen."  This is being done not only in NY, but all over the country.

Amazing how your tunes change when you are looking for a new job.


Anonymous said...

just another sleaze

Ms. Tsouris said...

Unfortunately the link gives only the portion of the article a Newsday non-subscriber sees. Perhaps the text of this speech is located elsewhere. I'd be curious to see how this "education" corporatist whore spins his stepping down as state education commissioner. The arts, essential to education, are cut to make way for mindless educationally horrific test prep. Being a music student and a musician saved my life as a kid; that's only the beginning of what I have to say to Steiner about arts education. Test it, kill it.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the title of your blog!

Perhaps there are so many of us PO'd because of the hypocrisy that seems to abound among these self servig politicians and educational "leaders" in our country?