Friday, April 08, 2011

7-11 Administrator

I never had a supervisor I liked, but I have had ones who knew math,  knew how to teach and how to recognize good teachers.  They knew their subjects inside out.  They passed rigorous tests to get their positions.  I never liked being observed but the old ones, the ones that knew their stuff and often ripped me apart, taught me to be a better teacher.

I never thought I would say this, I miss those old supervisors. What can anyone possibly learn from  administrator who knows little to nothing about the subject s/he is in charge of and has minimal experience, often in subjects unrelated to what s/he is in charge of ?  What can anyone possibly learn from the administrator who got his/her degree with borrowed papers, no books and a degree from the nearest 7-11?


Anonymous said...

Every young administrator I know got his/her degree in this manner. It is similar to online credit recovery. It doesn't matter how you do it, who does it for you or how much you DON'T learn, just get that peice of paper. Administrators no longer have to be MASTER TEACHERS.

Sally Synical said...

Administrators barely have to be educators these days. Just be a bully with a college degree and the right certification program and be under 35 years old, and that's all the qualifications you need. As a matter of fact, they barely have to be human/humane nowadays.

harvey said...

po'd, I miss those old taskmaster administrators too. We stand on the shoulders of giants, we lucky veteran teachers. I always wish we'd go back to the ap/department head model. They were Master teachers who taught 2/3 class sections while assisting in admin tasks. They all helped us be effective teachers.

abused teacher said...

I was told by the Social Studies Supervisor the following:

Women got the right to vote in 1960 When I asked if her grandmother could vote she said yes.
She was unable to make the connection.

"The Civil Rights Movement was the war between the North and the South"

And I am the one facing incompetence charges.

So Sad! Imagine what she was like in the classroom, oh wait she was probaly never in the classroom, boy were those lucky!