Saturday, April 02, 2011

I'm Bad And I Don't Care

I'm bad.  I don't follow directions, especially when I believe the directions are wrong.

I just finished writing this week's algebra exam.  I didn't use multiple choice questions in part I like I am supposed to.  I want to see how the problems are being solved.  If I can understand their thought process, I can help them find the way to the correct solutions.  Just looking at a column of a's b's, c's and d's might make marking easier but it doesn't help the learning process.

I know the regents is largely multiple choice, but regents problems aren't worth 5 points each.  The kids need partial credit and they need to see their mistakes and for that, we need more than an answer.  I've seen too many kids just guess at the right response.  Math should not be a guessing game.


Anonymous said...

I also do not follow directions also when I know that they are wrong. This is why I cringe on teacher edition scripted books that I am supposed to follow.

The most knowledgeable person to give students what they need is the teacher him/herself. It is exactly on what you just stated, "understanding the students thought process".

Anonymous said...

Life will not be a series of multiple choice tests. My former students do not remember taking those crazy tests, but they remember every project and presentation they had to do in my classes.

Shireen Dadmehr said...

Amen, Sister. Multiple choice MOSTLY only gives you limited information.

How ridiculous is it that someone else is telling YOU how to teach YOUR kids?