Saturday, February 11, 2012


Home health care workers.
Bless the women (and men) who spend hours caring for the sick, disbled and elderly.
Bless their patience and their talent.

The woman who takes care of my dad is a saint.  She knows how to make him happy while doing everything in her power to take good care of him.  Even with the fractured shoulder he looks better now than he has in a long time.  He even seems happy.

I don't know this woman's education background.  I am guessing she is not a Harvard graduate because you don't usually find Ivy Leaguers doing this kind of work.  But, she is just as smart and talented as any of them.  My dad is lucky she pursued this career and lucky to have found her.  People who do the work she does need to be respected and paid well.  They provide a much needed service.  (She is also making a lot of money to send to her family, much better than many college grads.)

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