Friday, February 03, 2012

Memo_021 Or The Brilliance Of An Administrator (Sarcasm Intended)

This memo was disappointing--not too much fun stuff, but one line stuck out so I will share it here:

Spending two weeks to review old topics before teaching the new topics is probably not a great idea because you will have less time to teach the lessons.  Review also only works for students who forgot not those who did not learn
The man is brilliant. He knows review doesn't work with kids who know nothing to start with.  An AP, the master teacher of the department should have an answer. But, his students don't have this problem.  They all learn.  And, when they don't, they magically get transferred to another class.

(According to Yogi, he was smarter than the average bear, an overestimate of his intelligence.)


Anonymous said...

Actually I disagree with that idea about review. In fact, that suggests giving up on kids, which I don't like to do, though in some cases there's not much other alternative. However, if I get a lot of kids who are lost, I will go back and try to catch them up, and I don't really care how long it takes. Fortunately, I don't currently have a Regents hanging around my neck.

But I think that approach, the go to hell if you didn't catch it the first time, is even worse for something cumulative like math. I failed geometry because i spaced out at some point, and the only way I would have caught up would have been figuring out what the previous proof rules were all about.

I also think individual teachers are better able to judge what their particular classes need.

Pissedoffteacher said...

Review and reteaching works. The man is an idiot who knows nothing about teaching.

Anonymous said...

Who also has poor grammar..

"Review also only works for students who forgot 'not those' who did not learn." ------ yikes. I am guessing he does not proofread or have a secretary to edit or type for him.