Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Next Big Super Star Teacher

In the late '60s I was in love with a Shindig, a television show with lots of rock and roll.  The big thing were the girls, in their mini skirts and go go boots who danced.  I remember one girl who wore big, ugly black glasses and I always wondered why.  A news article about the show said the producers wanted this young woman to stand out and they did this by putting the glasses on her face.  She was going to be this station's next super star.

The next big superstar teacher is being created now too.  The teacher is not wearing big glasses, but the people in charge are doing their darnedest to make this person stand out.  Recently, a fellow teacher watched the department supervisor go through superstar's roster, removing kids who were not doing well and inserting others who are known to excel in the class
 No one will bear witness to this  but I would bet real money it happened.  Just like on television,  the new superstar is born.

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