Monday, February 06, 2012

Two Left Feet

I can't do two things at once.  My brain won't allow me to use my left hand with my right foot and I can't remember when I should move forward or when I should move back and it is not the teacher's fault.  She is great.  She moves around the room, her eyes fixed on the mirror where she can model in front of the people that need the modeling the most.  Many of my students can't think and write at the same time.  I've had many students who are verbally excellent but fall apart as soon as their work must go on a piece of paper. Sure they say they multi task the things they are interested in, we all do, but I now understand their test taking problems a little better.

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Anonymous said...

Too bad ed deformers or most people in this society don't see education, teaching and learning like you.

I am actually working on a writing piece on my own, "The myths and misconceptions in our Society". I recently had a conversation with an idiot who thinks that my job as a teacher is to just stand in front of a chalkboard or desk and lecture. As we know, it takes more to 'just lecture' in front of a class.