Friday, February 24, 2012

Outline Of Your Life

A four hour flight with no Internet gave me lots of time to pursue some creative writing ideas.  No prize winning pieces here, but a few dedicated to the darker sides of life.  I’ll be posting them randomly.

Here is the first one.  I call it Outline of Your Life

I.  Friends
a.  The ones who fear you and are afraid to not show up at your parties
b.  The ones who know you have the power over them to make their lives easy or hard.  They know being on your good side guarantees they will have the better things offered.
c.  All are 20 – 30 years younger than you.
d.  Even the ones you think like you despise the ground you walk on.

II.  Family
a.  Your spouse has left you. This person was smart enough to cut the losses and move on to a new love.
b.  Your child who adores you now will grow up to see you for what you really are and you will lose this child tooc. 
c.  You should consider getting a cat.  You might need the companionship in your old age.

III.  Career
a.  You’ve reached a dead end.  The promotions given to others, especially those less experienced and much younger will never be yours. 
b.  That other job you want will never be yours either.  The people in charge know you for what you are and they are too smart to ever hire you.

IV.  Reflect
a.  It is too late to change what you have done but you can change your future actions. 
b.  Most people have forgiveness in their hearts.  Seek yours before it is too late.

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TheHouse said...

I know you said these were creative writing ideas, but I still hope you're OK...